Most jobs are hourly. I will bid some work by the job (usually for projects lasting more than 4 hours) or you can hire me by the day. I give a substantial discount on jobs lasting several hours to reflect the decreased costs (driving, gas, finding more jobs, etc.) involved in multi-hour jobs (or multiple small jobs performed in the same day), according to the following rate chart:

1st hour = $70 (minimum charge)
$40 for each hour after that
full day (8 hours) = $330 per day

Partial hours charged in 15 minute increments after 1 hour.

These are labor rates only. All materials and supplies are additional (actual cost, I do not mark up materials). Hauling away waste is additional charge. I can usually provide a free estimate for jobs over 4 hours.

You can pay us with cash, check, or Paypal. You can pay with a credit card through Paypal as well.